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There is no hazard to health in taking the occasional drink or even one drink a day. However, alcohol uses up some of the B vitamins, especially vitamin Bl. It has a high calorie content and should be avoided by people trying to slim. Avoid alcohol when taking sedatives, tranquilisers or antihistamines, as this makes a perilous combination. Never offer alcohol to anybody suffering from shock or heatstroke. Excessive drinking results in, besides other things, loss of appetite, leading to an unbalanced that, a vitamin deficiency and a decline in general health. These in turn may cause digestive and circulatory dis-orders, irritability, neuritis, insomnia, vague aches and pains and other complaints. After this the chronic condition known as Alcoholism sets in.

The amino acids are the chemical units of which proteins are made. The amino-acid composition of animal muscle, milk and egg is similar, though not identical, to the amino-acid composition of human tissues. Some amino acids can be manufactured by the body, if they are not supplied in the thet, but there are eight essential amino-acids the body needs but cannot manufacture. These must be obtained from the above-mentioned proteins. However, herbivorous animals obtain all the amino-acids they need from plants and by careful selection, humans may do the same.

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All The Best PT Tips Here